Burton Magnum Safes

Magnum’s are available in two security grade levels being a Grade 0 and Grade 1, £6,000 and £10,000 cash rating respectively. To achieve the Grade standards the Burton Magnum safes were independently attack tested and certified to EN 1143-1 for Grade 0 and 1.

Magnum safes are very popular safes for the following reasons; the stylish design silver finish, high security key lock or alternative LED display electronic lock, the compact sizes and the safes offer fire protection against low grade fires, makes the magnum the desired high security safes for the UK home or business.

Straight forward delivery and safe installation due to the lighter weight design. The Magnum series has been constructed with fixing points in the base and rear of the safe providing flexibility on fixing to the floor or to the rear (wall fixing).

Below in more detail is summary on key features on the Magnum 6000 safes and Magnum 10000 safe available in the following models.

Grade 0 Safes
Magnum 6000 24NS keylock   Magnum 6000 24NE electronic lock
Magnum 6000 26NS keylock   Magnum 6000 26NE electronic lock

Engineered and built in Germany for superior build quality.
Available in a key, electronic or biometric locking system.
Re-keyable lock for greater security in case of borrowed or lost keys.
Electronic lock allows up to 10 user codes
Biometric option allows use of PIN only, PIN and Fingerscan or just Fingerscan.
Biometric lock can be programmed up to 10 PIN codes and 24 registered fingerprints.
Audit trail, time windows, time delay and dual user modes can be programmed via a software package for both electronic & biometric options.

Grade 1 Safes
Burton Magnum 10000 34K keylock
Burton Magnum 10000 34E electronic lock and biometric (fingerprint) lock
Burton Magnum 10000 36K keylock
Burton Magnum 10000 36E electronic lock and biometric (fingerprint) lock
Burton Magnum 10000 38K keylock
Burton Magnum 10000 38E electronic lock and biometric (fingerprint) lock