Burton Safes

As one of the UK and Ireland’s biggest safe manufacturers, Burton Safes offer professional service coupled with high class products. Their head quarters are in West Yorkshire where they began this business in 1990. Their safes appeal to all markets including domestic buyers and retail purchasers and are suitable for all budgets.

Their extensive range of safes are manufactured in the UK as well as abroad and include, among others, the following categories;

• Eurograde Safes
• Cupboard and Furniture Safes
• Free-Standing Safes
• Fire and Data Safes
• Deposit Safes
• Key Safes
• Wall Safes
• Underfloor Safes
• Security Cabinets
• Hotel Safes
• Gun Cabinets

Burton’s Eurovault series has been the flagship of the Burton name for many years, being supplied to home owners and retailers countrywide. They are available in 6 sizes, ranging from £6,000 to £150,000 cash rating. Keylock is standard on this range however an electronic locking system can be arranged if requested.

Burtons Safes can offer services from start to finish. They can deliver, install and service any safe if requested by the customer.

Burtons specialise in providing Strongrooms to sites where advanced security is necessary or standard safes are not large enough. These Strongrooms are all custom made assembled on site and are made up of pre-fabricated panels with an interlocking design. These Strongrooms would ideally store items such as jewellery, art, cash, computer equipment, controlled drugs or sensitive data. There are various optional extras that could accompany such a Strongroom such as CCTV and alarm functions, air conditioning, fire rated panels, ink and smoke dye systems or fog cloak systems.