Lock Types

Burton’s security products are supplied with various different locking mechanisms, most common being the traditional key lock. Please find below further information on the lock methods available. Please note all online products clearly state the supplied locking method on the product listings and the products description page, description page provides further information including alternative lock options (if applicable).

Below are the various locking permutations on pre-supplied Burton safes, clicking on the lock type will list corresponding products. The lock mechanism is a very important design feature of a safe; with a security safe the complexity of the locking mechanism, will help determine the cash rating given to the safe. Certain safes are secured by dual (2) locks, i.e. the Eurovault series Grade 4 – 6 are secured by a dual key lock mechanism this locking system enhances the security level and is a required security feature to achieve these gradings (cash rating).

1) Key Lock – All fitted keylocks come supplied with two keys.

2) Electronic Lock – Offer advantages over a keylock.
A) Not having to worry where to hide or hold the keys.
B) High specification versions can offer features including, time delay, multiple user code, audit trail facility.
C) Locks provides a warning long before batteries run out of power. If ignored, there is a backup procedure, enabling you to gain access to the safe. Refer to the PDF manual on your selected safe, for more details.

3) Dial Combination – Push button or spin dial used on our external key boxes.

4) Biometric Lock  – Fingerprint recognition lock used on our Sensor safe and a available option on selected security safes.

5) Dual Keylocks – Product is secured by 2 x keylocks (2 keys per lock) often required on the highest grade of security safes.

6) 2 Locks (Key + Digital)  – Our largest Firebrand safe model benefits from two locks; keylock and digital lock (pin code).

7) 2 Locks (Digital + Biometric) – Our Magnum security safes are available with a two lock mechanism; digital lock (pin code) and fingerprint.