A Guide to Fire Safes

Types of fire safes

Safe Type Description
Fire Filing Cabinets Designed to store large volumes of paperwork from fire. Ideal for small or large offices.
Document Safes Fire resistant safes to protect important paperwork such as passports, certificates, contractual or legal documents from fire. Ideal for the home or office.
Data Safes Fire resistant safes to protect documents and media such as CD’s, DVD’s, data tapes and photo negatives from the threat of fire. Ideal for the home or office.

Level of protection required

All fire safes will carry a fire rating. This fire rating refers to the duration in minutes that contents within a safe will remain protected from excessive heat and fire. Ratings are broken down into increments of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

When you begin looking for a fire safe it is important to decide what it is you wish to protect, be it documents or data. Document safes are not suitable for protecting data. The reason for this is due to the different temperatures at which paper and data corrupts, whereas paper chars / combusts at 177°C data corrupts at 52°C.

Many fire safes cannot be bolted down as it would effect the fire protection offered, it also accounts for why many will not carry a cash rating. The Burton Firebrand range is the exception to this general rule, offering 60 minutes fire protection and a £2,000 cash rating.


All the Burton Fire Safes are fitted with electronic locks.

For further information on locks please refer to Familiar Asked Questions.


Both the external and internal dimensions of a safe will need consideration to ensure that it will fit where you want it located, and also that you will have enough internal space to store your contents. It can often be helpful to measure the largest item you will place in the safe in order to get a sense of the minimum dimensions you require.

On the specifications of the Burton Data Safes we have attached a capacity chart listing the various data media, such as CDs, DLT and LTO tapes, and the total which can be stored in each safe model.