Burton Torino safe series

The Torino series by Burton Safes is the ideal security safe for the discerning homeowner or small business. It is regarded as the best in its class; unsurpassed for build quality and security features.

The series offers £4,000 cash cover or £40,000 valuables cover. There are 4 sizes available with each size having the choice of either a key lock or an electronic lock. All come with a 5 year warranty as standard.

Torino safes the key lock range comprises of the following models: GMK 3, GMK 4, GMK 5 and the GMK 7. All are secured by a high security double bitted key lock.

The Torino electronic safes range comprises of the following models: GMT 3, GMT 4, GMT 5 and the GMT 7. All are secured by a flush electronic key pad which is battery powered, and programmable with a personal code of up to 6 digits. The lock also benefits from an external battery point and emergency override key.

The series has benefited from various accreditations including the Gold standard from Sold Secure and the Burton’s Torino safe was the winner of ‘Best on Test’ domestic safe by the consumer watchdog, Which?, in 2006. The series has also been independently attack tested and certified to exacting European standards (EN 14550 S2).

Designed to protect against burglary attack the series has been designed and constructed with laser cut doors, internal hinges and three-way bolt work. For added flexibility there are both rear and base fixing points.