Popular Business Safes

Typically a business will want a safe with different security features than that of home safes, though the core needs are the same; 1) Prevent / deter the theft of valuables and cash. 2) Protect papers or computer media from the risk of fire damage.

Businesses usually require larger safes, internally wider than domestic safes, storage requirements for an office or shop safes would be greater, may need too store till drawers. Many businesses stipulate safes with high security features including safes being secured by a high security digital lock, offering multiple user codes and in some cases an audit trail, as offices and shops during the course of a day, may have many staff requiring access to the safe unlike safes for the home, which are usually opened by at most two people.

The commercial needs aforementioned would be separated into two distinct groups, i.e. the safe requirements for a high street shop would be security safes, protecting their cash, whilst an office building may be looking to protect their documentation and or computer media in a fireproof safe (they are unlikely to hold much cash).

Burton safes have a range of commercial security safes and fire proof safes see below a popular range of Burton office safes, safes designed to cater for the small independent shop up to the major department stores and office buildings.

Magnum safes 6000 and 10000 range.

The burton magnum safes are available in a £6,000 or £10,000 cash rating. Burtonsafes magnum models are popular with businesses safes offer high level security as well benefitting from stylish, silver design. Magnum Safes come in a keylock, digital lock (10 user codes and audit trail facility) and even biometric lock option. The digital lock has a LED display simplifying the lock operation. The magnum 10000 safe also offers 30 minutes fire protection.

Magnum safes – accreditations
Magnum 6000 safes -   EN 1143-1 – Grade 0 – Independently attack tested and certified.
Magnum 24NS safe– keylock safe  Magnum 26NS safe– keylock safe
Magnum 24NE safe– electronic safe  Magnum 26NE safe– keylock safe
Magnum 24NB safe – biometric safe  Magnum 26NB safe– keylock safe

Magnum 10000 safes – EN 1143-1 – Grade 1 – Independently attack tested and certified.
Magnum 34K safe– keylock safe  Magnum 34BIO-E safe– biometric safe
Magnum 36K safe– keylock safe  Magnum 36BIO-E safe– biometric safe
Magnum 38K safe – keylock safe  Magnum 38BIO-E safe– biometric safe