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Safes we offer a large selection of security safes to suit everyone’s need; home safes, cash safes, shop safes, till safes, office safes, fire proof safes, water proof safeshigh security safeseurograde safes. You will find many of our security safe ranges are available in various sizes and locking options i.e. electronic safe or digital safe. Many of our security safes and jewellery safes also provide a fire safe rating. Before choosing any type of money safe or home safe, you need to consider what you want to protect; cash, jewellery, documents etc. Security safes are graded by a cash rating it is therefore important you select a safe that will suit your your requirement. Should you need assistance choosing the correct home safe, jewellery safe, office safe or fireproof safe, one of our sales team will be happy to assist and give advice. Security safes from leading manufacturers; Chubbsafes, Secureline by Chubb safes, Burton Safes, Securikey, Phoenix Safes & Sentry Safes.


     Deposit Safes

Deposit safes and Eurograde deposit safes; There are many types of deposit safes available (often referred to as drop safes). A deposit safe allows multiple users to deposit cash or other valuable items securely without the need to open the main safe door to gain access. A typical example of a deposit safe or drop safe would be a security safe fitted with a safe deposit drawer trap; when the drawer is open deposits can be placed inside, when the drawer is closed deposits are released and drop inside of the safe. Deposit safes are fitted with anti-fish devices to stop deposits from being retrieved. Other deposit methods include envelope slots (security safes option) and deposit chutes (security safes and underfloor deposit safes option).


Data Fire Safes     Data Fire Safes

Data fire safes and data fire cabinets often referred to as a computer safe are designed to protect important data media in the event of serious fire. Data media is vulnerable to heat above 52°C and likely to be destroyed if subjected to heat above this temperature, unlike paper documents which have a much higher combustion level. Data fireproof safes are built withstand terrific heat and keep the internal temperature at a controlled level much longer than conventional security safes and document fire safes. Fire statistics show; 52% of companies not fully protected go out of business within twelve months after suffering a serious fire. Data safes and media safes are something every business should consider; material items can be replaced, the loss of valuable company information held on media and back-up tapes can spell disaster. Protect your business with a data safe or data cabinet.


     Document Fire Safes

Document fire safes and document fire cabinets are designed to withstand terrific heat in the event of a serious fire. Documents will be illegible and combust around 177°C which poses a major threat to companies without adequate fire protection. Accounts ledger, employee records, CAD drawings, exam papers, archive documents can be easily destroyed if not protected in a document fireproof safe or fire cabinet. Our ranges of document fire safes and fireproof cabinets are available in various sizes from neat ‘under desk’ fire safe units to large double door fire safe cabinets. Large document fire proof safes and fire cabinets and exam paper safes have a comprehensive range of internal optional fittings available including; shelves, lockable cupboards and pull out filing frames which can be tailored for any business requirement.  


     Fire Filing Cabinets

Fireproof filing cabinets often referred to as fire file cabinets, firefiles or fire files provide valuable fire protection for office documents in the event of a serious fire. For many professions including accountants, solicitors and architects storing their work is a major security requirement, losing such information would have a disastrous impact on the company. Fireproof filing cabinets / fire files not only protect against fire they also provide a higher level of security than traditional steel filing cabinets. Several brands in our range have the option to be fitted with high security mechanical combination or digital keypad locks. Some of our fireproof file cabinets / firefiles can also be fitted with SEAP government approved manifoil and digital locks when required. Fire destroys, protect your business with fire proof filing cabinets and fire files.


     Security Cabinets

Security cabinets and security cupboards are a convenient way of securing valuable and bulk items. Constructed from high specification materials our security cabinets provide the excellent protection against burglary attack. Security cabinets are the ideal solution for businesses wanting to secure office equipment and documents, workshop power-tools and expensive stock items, many schools and colleges also purchase security cabinets to use for exam paper cabinets. Security cabinets have an array of use to provide peace of mind for securing valuables when you are not present. During recent years, we have found security cabinets gaining popularity in the domestic market too; installing a security cabinet in a garage of a domestic dwelling to protect the likes of expensive garden equipment, DIY tools etc. has now become commonplace.


     Laptop Security

Laptop safes ideal computer security for protecting your laptop or notebook and the information you keep on it.  Laptops and notebooks are portable items and therefore particularly vulnerable to theft. Small computer safes are relatively inexpensive to buy and certainly worthy of a little investment to provide laptop security. Laptop safes offer a wide aperture door; most of our ranges will accommodate at least two laptops or notebooks. We also provide larger laptop safes designed for companies looking to secure higher quantities. Statistics show laptop theft is sharply on the increase; protect your portable computer in a laptop safe or notebook safe.


     Hotel Safes

Hotel safes and hotel room safes are something any discerning traveller will come to expect. You don’t need to be a business person to carry the likes of a laptop on your travels. An in-room hotel room safe provide the convenience for guests to secure their belongings and have access to them 24/7 in the privacy of their own room. How many times have hotel staff been accused of pilferage? causing embarrassment to the hotelier as well as being time consuming; in-room hotel safes eliminate this uncertainty. Several of our hotel safe ranges have an optional hand held reader which plugs into the keypad and provides an audit trail of up to the last 100 openings. In-room hotel safes; providing peace of mind for everyone !


     Floor Safes

Floor safes / underfloor safes / underground safes we class these all within the same category, so we’ll refer to them as floor safes. Hidden floor safes provide the ideal solution for anyone looking to have their safe out of sight. A floor safe is discreet and designed to be buried underground encased in concrete. Small by nature compared with a lot of security safes but ideal for protecting valuables such as cash, jewellery and passports. Floor safes are as popular for commercial use as they are for domestic; businesses such as petrol stations, retail stores, food outlets etc. often purchase under floor safes with a deposit facility, enabling staff to deposit money securely without the need to open the floor safe door to gain access.


    Wall Safes

Wall safes and hidden wall safes are designed to fit flush with the wall and therefore require the main body of the in wall safe to be recessed within the wall. Wall safes for the home can be hidden behind a picture, mirror or anything else that will disguise its location. Many of our wall safe ranges are available with various locking options and are the ideal solution for discreet security.


     Key Safes

Key safes, key cabinets and key lockers are the ideal way to maintain accountability of large quantities of keys. Key safes and key cabinets are used in lots of environments where security is an issue; offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals, care homes to name a few. A key safe, key cabinet or key box will provide additional security and ensure access to restricted areas is controlled for authorised personnel only. Keys often find their way into the wrong hands and are easily duplicated, restrict their access in a keysafe or key cabinet.


     Gun Safes

Gun safes and gun cabinets are a strict requirement for keeping firearms out of harms way, giving access only to the rightful licensee. Gun safes and shotgun cabinets are available in various sizes accommodating guns, rifles and ammunition. Our gun safes and rifle cabinets are designed to be bolted from the inside to a secure wall or floor, several of our shotgun safes and rifle safes are also suitable for securing firearms during transportation. If you have a firearm you need a gun safe or gun cabinet.


     Strongrooms & Vaults

Vaults, strongrooms and strongroom doors are the highest level of security offered and are used when a security safe is either not big enough or a very high level of security is required. Vaults & strongrooms are built from high security modular panels and can therefore be tailored to virtually any size to suit customer requirement. Commercial uses for vaults & strongrooms include banks, safe deposit centres, jewellers and pharmaceutical companies. Vaults & strongrooms require a site survey to establish requirement and therefore price on application applies for this type of equipment.


     Safe Deposit Lockers

Safe deposit lockers are used in banks, safe deposit centres, hotels, and hospitals. Safe deposit lockers are built in modules and therefore tailored to customer requirement. Safe deposit lockers are fitted with a dual control lock with two keyholes; one key is provided to the renter, the master key held by the guardian. Safe deposit lockers require both keys to operate opening and closing and are therefore a secure way to protect valuables in public areas. Safe deposit lockers are tailored to customer requirement and therefore price on application applies for this type of equipment.


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